Session 2: Breaking the Old Hand

You robbed the -wrong- caravan!

Fiandra, a female dwarf fighter working for the Red Mantle caravan, was instructed by her uncle and caravan master Edwick Rocksword, to go and find out what happened to the wagon sent to gather the mycelium cargo. Upon arrival, she found Desmirah bloodied and recovering from what appeared to be a highly lethal fight with duergar (deep dwarves).

Gathering the friendly dead (much to Desmirah’s cultural surprise), and the remaining valuables, the pair rode back to the main caravan. Given the trouble, Rocksword very reluctantly agreed to just pay the tax and be done with it. He had grumped his way through the entry gate to the great Dwarven city of Redwall (see marker on game map).

Desmirah sought the aid of a physician, but on the way was accosted by Witherbeard, a wretched slaver dwarf who tried to waylay her on her path, given the apparently grievous injuries. Fiandra noticed and clobbered the fellow, and Desmirah helped. A member of the Redguard arrived just after, apologizing for their inconvenience and guiding them to the clinic of Zaghor, the bone knitter, male dwarf adept. Desmirah was recovered with magic and bandaging, as well as informed that she had contracted filth fever, presumably from resting amidst a heap of cleaved open bodies for several hours and then having them loaded into the back of the wagon for the ride back to the caravan.

Upon returning to the caravan, Rocksword is furiously profaning out the news that they were robbed by cloaked dwarves. Desmirah and Fiandra (hitherto known as the party), investigate, finding a fletcher’s shop where 5 of the 20 stolen crossbows were offloaded, and through investigating and interviewing locals, a smith who doubles as a fence for the residing gang of brigands of the foreign canton, the Old Hand.

In exchange for framing the smith’s brother and rival as the snitch, he gives the party the location of where the Old Hand has a cargo storage facility. The party moves to investigate, and decides to infiltrate using climbing equipment and slipping through a ventilation window. Within the warehouse, attempts at stealthy killings went array, as apparently people look up when falling crates are smooshing their co-workers. Slaughter ensues of the stocking crew, and the party meets the formidable opposition of the resident guardian, a 9-ft long riding lizard.

A brutal fight ensues in which Fiandra is heavily wounded by the jaws of the creature. After causing it enough injury, the beast flees, right into the path of the 5 crossbowmen guards who were creeping up to the scene to get the drop on the occupied intruders. In a scene right out of Jurassic Park, the panicked beast mauls and munches on the guards before it bleeds to death of its wounds.

The session comes to an end with the party looking to a cowering clerk urinating on himself with a backdrop of stolen cargo ripe for the plucking, in addition to their stolen crossbows somewhere in the mess.



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